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"Tirosh. Jewish, Slavic & Oriental Studies" ("Tirosh" – "young wine” in Hebrew) is a peer-reviewed annual of academic articles on Jewish History, Culture, Philosophy, Literature, Biblical and Semitic studies, Israel studies by young scholars, bachelor, master and doctoral students. The annual is a continuation of the series of publications of youth conferences on Jewish Studies (from 1997 to 2015), and since 2016 of youth sections of the International interdisciplinary conference on Jewish Studies held annually by the center "Sefer" together with the Center of Slavic-Jewish Studies of the Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. One of our main goals is to enable young researchers to publish their first scientific works in a peer-reviewed Annual. Thus, articles accepted for publication in "Tirosh. Jewish, Slavic & Oriental Studies", are undergoing serious scientific examination (double-anonymous peer review). In addition, the editors of the series make sure that each issue, as far as possible, as widely as possible reflects the state of research development of a new generation of young researchers in the field of Jewish Studies throughout the post-Soviet space. Therefore, the range of articles presented in the collection is not limited to the materials of the conferences on Jewish Studies. Rather, they serve as a kind of "seed" material that helps to form the general direction of each collection. At the same time, however, the collection also presents articles written specifically for this annual.

The annual is indexed in the Russian Science Citation Index, articles receive DOI. ISSN 2658-3380.

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