Prohibitions and Regulations in Slavic and Jewish Cultural Tradition

Academic series: Slavic & Jewish Cultures: Dialogue, Similarities, Differences

Editorial Board: S. Amosova, O. Belova (Ed.-in-chief), A. Grischenko, I. Kopchenova, V. Mochalova

Editorial Council: V. Dymshits (EU SPb, Saint Petersburg, Russia), M. Kaspina (RSUH, Moscow, Russia), D.-B. Kerler (IU, Blumington, USA), A. Kovelman (Lomonosov MSU, Moscow, Russia), V. Krutikov (MU, Ann-Arbor, USA), A. Moroz (HSE, Moscow, Russia), Petrukhin (Institute of Slavic Studies RAS, Moscow, Russia), Dr. L. Fialkova (Haifa University, Israel)

Prohibitions and Regulations in Slavic and Jewish Cultural Tradition / Ed.-in-chief. . Belova. – ., 2018. 298 p.

The volume “Prohibitions and Regulations in Slavic and Jewish Cultural Tradition” (Ed.-in-chief. . Belova., Moscow, 2018) includes proceedings of the same called International conference, held in Moscow on December 68, 2017 by the Sefer Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization and the Center for Slavic-Jewish studies since 1995. The volume and the conference reflect the work on the fundamental academic project Slavic & Jewish Cultures: Dialogue, Similarities, Differences. 19 volumes dedicated to the analysis (historical, philosophical, linguistic, folklore, ethnographic, cultural) of the mechanisms of interaction of Slavic and Jewish traditions have been published since 1998 in the frame of the project.

ISSN 2658-3356

ISBN 978-5-7576-0423-7

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356



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Svetlana Babkina The Laws of the Temple and the Proper Sleep in Biblical and Rabbinic traditions

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.2

Natalya Kireeva A Third of All Nights: Qumran Laws on the Night-Time Sacred Texts Studies

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.3

Mikhail Karanaev Marriage Prohibitions in the Hasmoneans’ Dynastic Politics

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.4

Anna Luneva Prayer Birkat ha-Minim (Blessing of heretics) and the Ban on Participation in the Synagogue Liturgy

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.5

Valery Dymshits Commandment or Good Deed? The Concept of Mitzvah in the Traditions of East European Jews

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.6

Victoria Mochalova Jewish Minority in the Context of Polish Law

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.7

Andrey Shpirt Live and Die in the Village. Relations Between Jews and Peasants in the Eastern Part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 17th Century

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.8

Tatyana Khizhaya No Worshipping the Images of Saints... : the Perception of the Biblical Pohibition in the Culture of the Russian Subbotniks in the 18th 19th Centuries

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.9

Aleksandr Ostrovskii Russian Peasants Beliefs on Krovosmeshenie in the Late 19th Century (on Materials of Fund of Vladimir N. Tenishev)

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.10

Natalia Dusacova Everyday Interactions of Old Believers with Adherents of Different Faiths: Current Prohibitions and Prescriptions in Texts and Practices

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.11

Danila Rygovskiy Pure, Profane and Filthy: Old Believers Conceptualization of Ritual Purity

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.12

Galina Zelenina Family, Philosophy, Fitness: On Female Education in a Chassidic Community

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.13

Igor Semenov The Mountain Jews Rituals Shende, Oftum and Kekul, and Prescriptions Associated with Them

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.14

Aleksandra Pesetskaia All is White: The Prohibitions of the Doctrine and Practice of the Mari Sect Kugu Sorta

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.15

Svetlana Pogodina Contemporary Money Magic: Taboos and Prescriptions (on Latvian Material)

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.16

Olga Belova Etiology of Prohibitions and Regulations in the Mirror of Folk Legends and Beliefs

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.17

Valentina Zaporozhets Prohibitions and Regulations in Poshekhonye

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.18

Galina Eliasberg Prohibitions and Prescriptions about Family Life in the Work of I. Teneromo

DOI 10.31168/2658-3356.2018.19