SEFER Publications

SEFER publishes:

1)   Proceedings of the Annual International Interdisciplinary Conferences on Jewish Studies.

Since Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies is the largest event, its proceedings are usually published in several volumes: two (2006, 2008), three (2007, 2009, 2010), or even five (2011: Proceedings of the 18th Annual International Conference on Jewish Studies, vol. I-II; Israel, Russia and Russian-Speaking Jewry in the Context of the International Politics – vol. III; The Holocaust: New Researches and Materials – vol. IV; Hebrew Language: Research and Teaching – vol. V).

2)    Proceedings of the Students Judaic Conferences are published in the issues of Tirosh (Young Wine in Hebrew).

3)    Proceedings of the Comparative Jewish-Slavic project conferences are published yearly with the title of the particular conference.

4)      Reseaches and monographies of individual scientists (usually in cooperation with local state research center or university department)

5)      Information Materials of the Activity of SEFER (Booklets, programs)

6)      Supportive materials (handouts) for courses at winter/summer schools on Jewish studies.

7)   Other publications.