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New Sefer publications to appear soon

Sefer Center announces new publications to be issued until the end of calendar year 2010:

Rashid Kaplanov. Works. Interviews. Memoirs.

The book will include Rashid Caplanov's works in Jewish Studies, his lectures, interviews, publication reviews, as well as memoirs by people who have been contacting him in various periods of life. The publication comprises bibliography of Rashid Kaplanov's works (both published and hand-written).

Dialogue of generations in Slavic and Jewish Cultural Tradition

A collection of articles on comparative study of Slavic and Jewish culture within the scope of the long-term academic research project. It comprises a part of proceedings of the international conference (of the same name) held in Moscow, December 2-4, 2009.

Proceedings of the XVII annual International Conference of Jewish Studies.

Articles on Bible study, Jewish history and culture, social science, linguistics included in this publication show the great variety of topics presented at the most recent Sefer annual Jewish Studies conference (Moscow, February 3-5, 2010)

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