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Sefer wishes you Sweet and Happy New Year!

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends, our dear Partners, all those who participate in our programs, who support and assists us!

SeferCenter has been functioning for 16 years. And we have done much for this period – with you and thanks to your support!

We say many words of thanks to you!

The coming New Year gives us a reason to look back and to estimate our achievements.

Last year we organized three international conferences on Jewish studies – 17th annual conference, 15th annual youth conference, and 13th conference within the scope of the project on comparative studies of Jewish and Slavic cultures. Now we are busy with preparing for publication the proceedings of these events.

This summer we successfully accomplished several educational projects – in-door Jewish studies school in Moscow, outdoor schools in Ukraine, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Eshnav project – annual month-long academic training program in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

We also have a constant-basis functioning Lecture Program, publishing projects, training program for university teachers.

The coming New Year also is a reason to try to throw a glance to the future and to think over our short-time and long-time plans. In enclosure you may find information about our soon-to-be held conferences, and we do hope they will draw your attention.

You may find all our news, projects and programs on our renewed website - and in LJ-blog - , so we invite you to these web resources. All your comments, recommendations and notes are welcome.

Of course, not all our plans that we worked out this year had been implemented, not everything ran as desired. We always try to assess critically the experience of every passing year. We feel responsibility and understand that we should do more than just much and better than simply good. We are sure that we will manage to do this – with your cooperation and help.

We know that we will face with many difficulties, misgivings, probably even with failures. But we continue to follow our way, as we know that we do this for all those, who need the things that we do, and we want to go on together with you.

We wish you to look back in the year passing by being proud of your achievements.

We wish you to look forward in hope and confidence, as new achievements are yet to come!

Let the coming year be fruitful and sweet! Shana tova u-metuka!

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