The center for Slavic-Jewish studies, Institute of Slavic studies RAS,

“Sefer” Center

International conference

"Concept of family in Slavic and Jewish cultural tradition»

(Moscow, January 29–31 2020 , Institute of Slavic studies RAS, Leninskiy ave., 32 , building , auditorium. 901)

Dear colleagues,

we invite you to take part in the annual scientific conference, which is the next stage of a multi-year project on the comparative study of Jewish and Slavic cultures

The conference "Concept of family in the Slavic and Jewish cultural tradition" will be the twenty-third in a series of annual meetings of scientists, since 1995 working on the international project "culture of Slavs and culture of Jews: dialogue, similarities, differences", carried out by the center of Slavic-Judaics Of the Institute of Slavic studies of RAS in cooperation with various scientific and public organizations interested in the dialogue of cultures.

The conference is organized with the support of Genesis Philanthropy Group and other sponsors.

The conference is expected to discuss a wide range of issues related to the problems of family and kinship relations, inter-ethnic marriages, dialogue of generations within the framework of traditional beliefs and rituals. The subject of research can be: family and ancestral values, family roles and their embodiment in rites and rituals, initiation and socialization rituals, rites of passage, conflicts and dialogue of generations in the family culture of Slavs and Jews, family law and its reflection in traditional culture, the image of the family in different genres of folklore. These problems are an integral part of traditional culture, correlate with the system of values of ethnic and religious traditions and continue the theme of the dialogue of generations, launched at the conference held in 2009.

The conference is interdisciplinary and welcomes the reports of historians, philologists, folklorists, ethnographers, reflecting the comparative aspects of the issues.

Please send your applications, topics and abstracts (up to 200 words) before December 10, 2019. in the attached form (by email: sefer@sefer.ru marked "Family").

Accommodation in Moscow of nonresident participants is paid by the organizers of the conference. The organizing Committee is not able to pay for travel of participants.

The conference proceedings are expected to be published.

Details of the organizational nature we will inform you further in the next information letter, if your report will be included in the conference program.

We will be very glad to see you at the conference-as speakers, panelists, guests!

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