Eshnav 2016

During last two years the conditions for participations in Eshnav, as well as the format of this internship, changed. In 2015, for the first time, every person who wanted could apply for the program (while before it was only possible for people who previously participated in a Youth Conference and a School on Jewish Studies).

Besides students who passed the competition selection for participation in Eshnav program, this year also the researchers who received the financial support for the research projects in Jewish Studies got the chance to work in the libraries and archives of Israel. New experience has shown that the shift from group centralized internships towards individual research trips is effective, so the next year the program will be organized in this way.

The internship was organized in partnership and with support by The International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization and Genesis Philanthropy Group.

The participants of Eshnav program in 2016 were 6 people:

  • Irina Rebrova (Krasnodar / Berlin)
  • Mariya Vyatchina (Kazan)
  • Marianna Lasinskaya (Nikolaev)
  • Evgeniya Zarubina (Moscow)
  • Mikhail Karanaev (Nizhnekamsk)
  • Alina Adamovich (Saint-Petersburg).

The terms of the program varied from 2 weeks to 1 month during summer 2016.

Tutors and mentors of participants were lecturers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, University of Ariel and researchers from The Center for the Study of the History of Soviet Jews During the Holocaust, The International Institute for Holocaust Research, Yad Vashem: Arkady Zeltser, Aron Shneer, Kirill Feferman, Yaron Ben-Nae, Mikhail Freikman, Daniil Romanovskiy and Shlomit Shulhani.