Eshnav 2015

This year "Sefer" Center organized open competition for the participation in Eshnav program: everyone could apply for it, even the ones who did not take part in Sefer's Youth Conference and Summer school.

5 young scholars were chosen (from 15 applications): Valentina Viktorovskaya (Irkutsk / Saint-Petersburg), Anna Volynets (Minsk), Ekaterina Karaseva (Moscow), Elena Luchina (Moscow) and Alim Ulbashev (Moscow).

2 candidates got into the waiting-list: Alexey Chebotaryov (Lviv) and Dmitry Tsolin (Ostrog).

It was 19th Eshnav. The program started in 1997. This year it lasted from 19th, July to 19th, August in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Participants' tutors and mentors were the lecturers from HUJI and Bar-Ilan University: Semion Goldin, Mikhail Beizer, Mikhail Tuval, Sergey Ruzer, Cyril Aslanov, Tsvi Sadan, Eyal Zamir, Beni Porath, Yoav Kiselyov.

Everyone from the participants worked on his own research project under the supervision of individual tutor and mentor, who specialize on his subject. The communication between students and professors started before the program itself, they were corresponding by e-mail. So, to the beginning of Eshnav every participant has already had the working plan, that has been discussed with tutor and mentor. It eased significantly the independent research on the first stage of the program.

Besides the meetings with the professors and research work the participants attended the tour in Jerusalem (together with Ilya Lurye) and one excursion led by Mikhail Tuval, had the instruction how to use the National Library of Israel in Givat-Ram, attended methodological seminars"Jewish Studies as a modern research discipline" (Semion Goldin) and "Researching and teaching Jewish studies" (Ilya Lurye).


More photoshere.