(July 1217, 2015)
Applied Conflictology: Jews, Gentiles and the World around Them

Conflict is a natural part of human's and society's existence. Historically the Jewry gets often to the conflict zones: on the cultural crossroads, on the territories of different influences, interests and ideologies. These conflicts influence the Jews from outside and become the part of the struggles inside, they are an integral factor in inter-religious relations. The program of this Summer School includes analysis of conflict typology inside and outside the Jewish communities of different countries in different historical periods.

School program is available here (in Russian)
The lectures are divided into 3 blocks:

The lecturers are the leading specialists from Russia and Israel. 

The program also includes plenary lectures, workshops, intellectual games, movies and a plenty of communication with interesting people.

We invite students, doctoral students and young researchers (up to 35 years old) who are interested in Jewish civilization to participate. 
Please fulfill the form till May, 25. The results will be sent on June, 1.

The School is organized by Sefer Center and The International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilisation with the support of Genesis Philanthropy Group (in the program Charities Aid  Foundation "Jewish Communities"), Rothschild Foundation Europe and Israel Culture Center in Moscow.