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Sefer - the Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization - was established as a non-profit organization in 1994.

Sefer's goals are to support academic research in Jewish studies and to improve the academic quality of teaching Jewish disciplines in universities and programs across the former Soviet Union; to provide academic assistance and a wide variety of study opportunities for students and young researches; and finally, to publish and widely distribute a series of publications focusing on academic Jewish study. 

Since its founding - and with the support of an international group of philantropic partners - Sefer has become the central umbrella organization for Academic Jewish scholars, students and programs in the countries of the FSU - and beyond.

Sefer's wide menu of activities is supported by generous grants from the Genesis Philantripy Group, CAF Russia, the AVI CHAI Foundation, Rothschild Foundation Europe, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Russian Friends of the Hebrew University, Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund, Euro-Asian Jewish Congress.

Today we enjoy:

  • 18 years of productive activity
  • Authority and respect by scientific and academic circles in Russia and FSU states, as well as in states of Central and Western Europe, Israel, USA
  • Total number of participants of all programs -about 6000
  • Over 3000 participants of annual conferences on Jewish studies. More than half of them are students and post-graduates.
  • Successful academic careers of those who has started their way in Jewish studies by joining Sefer's programs

Sefer’s main activities include:

Programs for Jewish Studies’ Academics and Young Researchers

  • Annual International Conferences in Jewish Studies
  • Conferences of comparative studies of Slavic and Jewish cultures
  • International Youth Conferences in Jewish Studies
  • Assistance in scientific research and support to young academics of Jewish Studies 

Academic Students Programs

  • Academic Summer and Winter Schools
  • Academic Field Schools, “wheeled” schools
  • Eshnav Program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
  • Lecture and mentoring program


  • Publications of Sefer Conferences’ Proceedings
  • Academic Student Publications
  • Publications of Academic of FSU Scholars and Young Researchers