Sefer Center edited the following publications:


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  • Issue. 1. Joseph Zissels. Some Aspects of the Ukrainean Jews Migration. Moscow. 2001
  • Issue. 2. Contemporary Israel. Moscow. 2001.
  • Issue. 3. The Holocaust. Moscow. 2001.
  • Issue. 4. The Language of Hebrew and Teaching it. Moscow. 2001.
  • Issue. 5. Jewish Education and Charity. Moscow. 2001.
  • Issue. 6. The Language of Hebrew: Research and Teaching. Ed. by A.A. Kryukova and E.B. Marianchik. Moscow. 2002.
  • Issue. 7. The Language of Hebrew: Research and Teaching. Proceedings of the Tenth and Eleventh Annual International Interdisciplinary Conferences on Jewish Studies. Ed. by A.A. Kryukova and E.B. Marianchik. Moscow. 2004.

Curricula on Judaica

In 1996, the "Sefer" Center in cooperation with the Jewish University in Moscow, the St. Petersburg Jewish University and the "Jewish Heritage" Society published on the competitive basis the curricula of Jewish disciplines in the form of separate brochures of 10-15 p. to improve the level of the university teaching of Judaica.

They consist of the content of the course (abstract), the number of academic hours, recommended literature, guidelines. These publications are guides for students studying various disciplines of Judaica in the universities of the CIS and Baltic countries, the basis for the development of distance learning and the possible opening of new departments and departments in Jewish studies in regional universities. The publication of curricula is also a condition for the accreditation of diplomas of Jewish universities.

    • V.A. Shnirelman. Introduction to the History of Anti-Semitism / Ed. by A.B. Kovelman.
    • A.V. Krylov, S.V. Dolgopolsky. History of the Jewish People in antiquity / Ed. by A.B. Kovelman.
    • A.V. Krylov. The History of Jews in the Countries of Islam in the Middle Ages / Ed. by A.B. Kovelman.
    • V.V. Mochalova. The History of Jews in Eastern Europe (From theIinitial Period of Immigration and the Formation of the Jewish Community to the Partition of Poland, -VIII) / Ed. by A . B. Kovelman.